Salary Increase Matrix: Impact of Uncertain Performance Appraisal Results

Introduction This is Part 3 of my articles on the Salary Increase Matrix As we cannot accurately predict the final results of a performance appraisal exercise, we cannot predetermine the salary increase percentage going into each cell of the salary increase matrix so that we can cap our salary increase costs within our budget. If

Performance Appraisals: Forced Ranking

Performance Appraisals: Forced Ranking What is Performance Ranking? Simply put, it is just ranking (comparing) the performance of each individuals in a group of employees.There are many ways of ranking staff. Types of Appraisal Errors Whenever we make an assessment of someone, not necessarily making an performance appraisal, we subject ourselves to different errors in

Pay Salary Increase Using Forced Distribution

Salary increases are made for 2 main reasons – to adjust the basic salary or wage rate for inflation and to provide merit increment as a form of motivation for achieving an agreed upon criteria such as efficiency or performance. There are 5 factors determining the quantum of salary increase or wage rate increase –