Glossary of Toxic Behaviors

Disclaimer The remarks here are my own opinion. I made the opinions based on my many years of work experience as a HR practitioner. You are entitled to accept, reject or ignore them. Introduction Employee toxic behaviors surfaced in organiations because there is often no formal policy to deal with them. The word employee here

Employee Discipline: Which Staff?

  Introduction Employee discipline is common in organizations where there is a significant number of jobs that are mundane and physical; such as jobs in the factory, logistics, hospitality, food and beverage industries. This article gives a broad view of employee discipline. Sometimes, the good performer may need to be discipline. At other time, management

Why It Is Important To Have A Formal Staff Grievance Procedure?

Introduction Employees often mistaken or for their own vantage treat the HR function as a welfare department; a complaints department; a counselling service; disciplinarian; a justice department or a mediation department. Such employees can come from all levels. An example is senior level management staff venting their frustrations at the HR practitioner because their staff