Volunteer Senior Management Committees Part 3 of 3

Introduction and Disclaimer This is a continuation on my article on Corporate Cultures. In this article I share some of my personal work experience. The experiences, observations and opinions of another person may be different from mine. Please be aware that there will be some strong views that will be expressed here. My views result

The Comb-Shaped Employee

Why Is Important to Hire Comb-Shaped Employee ? The world today is better connected in terms of Information access (google; youtube and so on). Money, people, goods and services flow (international investments, foreign business operations, migration, import and export). Communications (skypes; email; blogs and so on). Transport (popularity of flight, air freight and the rise

Organizational Structure Part 2 of 3

Introduction This is the continuation to Part 1 Positional Authority Invites Oppression In the hierarchical organizational structure, the reporting direction is upwards. By design, a higher position with lower position reporting to it is given the authority over lower position. It comes with the position, no matter who is place in that position. “According to