Sources of Information for Determining Salary Increases

Introduction There are 3 types of sources: Commercial sources HR-related professional association Local government Selection Criteria The criteria for selecting sources of information for determining salary increases is that the source must have clients in the country in which you are operating, preferably they must have an operating presence. The operating presence is preferred because

Salary Increase : Percentages or Quantum?

Introduction This is Part 3 of my articles on the Salary Increase Matrix Disclaimer The views here expressed here are my personal perceptions and opinions. I wrote this article with a desire for the human resource professional’s world to follow a moral compass. Business management have drifted away from ethical management to profiteering. Be aware,

Salary Increase Matrix: Impact of Uncertain Performance Appraisal Results

Introduction This is Part 3 of my articles on the Salary Increase Matrix As we cannot accurately predict the final results of a performance appraisal exercise, we cannot predetermine the salary increase percentage going into each cell of the salary increase matrix so that we can cap our salary increase costs within our budget. If

Salary Increase Matrix: Giving Salary Increases Within the Budget

Introduction This is Part 2 of my articles on the Salary Increase Matrix.Unless you have a good reason to exceed the approved budget for the total annual increases, you are likely to face an uphill struggle to get approval for a supplementary budget for the difference; and at the same time risking the loss of

Salary Increase Matrix: An Introduction

Introduction This is Part 1 of my articles on the Salary Increase Matrix In Lee Kok Wai’s lecture notes for compensation management (please search on internet), he listed 4 main methods of giving annual salary increments. One of them is the salary increase matrix: Fixed increment system where a fixed dollar increase or fixed percentage

Hay Job Evaluation Methodology: The Short Profile

Purpose of Short Profile In the Hay job evaluation methodology, the short profile is used as quality assurance (quality control) checks. It is also called the Profile Check. It helps job evaluators review as to whether they have develop the right “configuration”, “relative contribution”, or profile for the job being evaluated. Job “Shape” or Short

Job Size and Job Shape

Introduction The job’s size and shape serve as starting points for many job evaluation applications. It is the same for Hay Job Evaluation methodology. Job Size (Job Value) In the Hay job evaluation methodology, job size is determined by the total of the factor point values for Accountability (ACC), Know-How (KH), and Problem Solving (PS).