Death of the Life Long Job

Introduction People in the job market applies for jobs in businesses, hoping to derive an income from their knowledge, skills and efforts. Business is a “team sports”. To grow, it requires more people than the entrepreneur alone to deal with business activities within the business. A job is a fundamental building block in an organization

What is Globalization?

What is Globalization? Globalization can be loosely explained as the ability to outsource manufacturing, cultivation or catch to another country. So manufacturers is able to either relocate their factories overseas or outsource the manufacturing of the components to one or more countries overseas. What Led to Globalization? Long ago, in the days of break bulk

Part 1 Changing Trend : The Traditional Psychological Contract

Disclaimer The remarks of here are my own personal opinion. I not not profess to be an expert. They are food for your thoughts. You are entitled to accept, reject or ignore them. Introduction The basis of the psychological contract between employer and employee can be found in the Employer and Employee’s obligations in common

Why Jobs in the United States Went Abroad

Disclaimer The remarks here are my own opinion. They are food for your thoughts. You are entitled to accept, reject or ignore them. Introduction There are some obvious reasons why the United States had experienced job loss due to companies moving their jobs overseas in search of lower labor costs.Middle management jobs is part of

Drafting Safety Policy Statements

Introduction Except for the petrochemical, chemical, marine engineering, construction industries and large factories; safety management rarely make it to Management’s top priority list. This include the logistics; food and beverage industries. Nevertheless, where life and limbs are concerned, safety management should receive equally high importance. Why It Matters to You As a human resource practitioners,

The Comb-Shaped Employee

Why Is Important to Hire Comb-Shaped Employee ? The world today is better connected in terms of Information access (google; youtube and so on). Money, people, goods and services flow (international investments, foreign business operations, migration, import and export). Communications (skypes; email; blogs and so on). Transport (popularity of flight, air freight and the rise