Advance Hiring Interview Skills That Improve Your Batting Average Part 4


Parts 3 to 8 will cover the interview proper. This part will cover the different types of job candidates


Redundant Jobs and Internal Transfers

Jobs do become obsolete or redundant. Good employers and good managers do make an attempt to retrain the staff for another job or transfer the staff to a job that they can do. At other time, current staff wants be transferred to another department.

To deal with such cases, it is best that the Human Resource department must have some means to post the job vacancy internally; and have a policy covering internal job postings; internal transfers and outplacement. As part of policy, the business head should interview the internal staff.

Sometimes, there are no vacancies or the “redundant” staff do not have the competencies nor the work experience required for the vacant job. Sometimes, the staff may qualify for the position but the business head for the vacancy does not want to take in the staff. It is also true that sometimes, the business head from the department from which the position became redundant took the opportunity to get rid of the staff. Sometimes the business heads of the 2 business units go through with the transfers, only to make the transferred position redundant later.

Sometimes when a staff senses that he may lose his job, he begins to get friendly with another department head, with the hope to be absorbed into that department.

There are legal implications and compliance requirements regarding position that have been identified and tagged as “redundant.” Check if your HR Department have a retrenchment policy and a outplacement program.

Be Careful about “Transferring” External Job Applicants

I have seen job candidates that were not suitable for one vacancy being transferred to another vacancy that he or she is not suited. However, the more common situation is poor hiring due to desperation or simply the supervisor not willing to take on the work of the vacant position until someone suitable is found.

Cautionary Note on Headhunters

For headhunting firm, recruitment is a number game. Usually they recruit fresh graduates to do the headhunting work and the person grows into the job. That person doing the headhunting may have no idea of what the job entails, except from the job description. They are doing resume and job description matching, that is words matching.

This lead them to screen out the very experienced individuals that may have chequered work history.

Why Pay for Employee Referral

A current staff would know the people working in the business unit very well and the wrok arrangements (the work culture). This place him or her in a better position to recommend somebody that will fit in.

Instead of spending money to hire through a head hunter, it would be cheaper and sometimes more effective to hire through a internal referral and pay the one making the referral an incentive.

Hiring of Kins and Relatives

Some of the reasons for objecting against hiring of spouse, kins and relatives is collusion; industrial espionage or sabotage. Check if your company have a Recruitment policy covering this area.

Rehiring of Former Employees

Not all companies or department managers welcome the rehiring of a former employee. Check if your company have a Recruitment policy covering this area.

Hiring of Volunteers

When your job includes the hiring of volunteers, you should find out whether there is a policy manual concerning the management of volunteers.

When you are working in a non-profit or a not for profit organization, this could be an issue. The business head found a job incumbent that he would like to take in as a replacement for a position vacancy that is both budgeted for and pays a salary. The job incumbent is happy to volunteer for free to do the job but the business head feels obligated to pay. However, senior management rather not pay, now that it know that the job candidate is willing to do for free. You must be careful not to fall into the rap of being pressure by the business head to pay the job candidate a paid job offer. He may be the hiring decision but he does not have the authority to

A Word About Volunteer Senior Management Staff

Non profit organizations like churches, chinese temples could be run by volunteers.Similarly, non profit organizations like alumini clubs, golf country clubs, sports club,YMCA, Red Cross could be run by volunteers.

They could be chairman, vice-chairman, members of boards, internal councils or committees.

They could be no policy manual regarding the management of such volunteers. Even if there is and even if the manual is regularly updated, nobody actually adhere to the policies and rules. The other behviors of volunteer senior management to take note if the differing degree of expertise, time commitment and willingness to take responsibilities for their decisions.

Hiring of Freelance; Contractors and Temporary Staff

As freelanceers, contractors and temporary staff all work only for a pre-determined period of time, the emphasis is less on their personality fit with the organiational structure. The concerns are whether they have the work experience and competencies to do the work and in the case of project work, whether they can finished on time; and in the case of being a stand-in such as maternity leave stand-in, whether they keep operations running smoothly and not leave a pool of unfinished work or mess for the absent staff to clean up.

Hiring of Part-Time Staff

The important part about hiring part-time staff is whether there is need to have 2 or more part-time staff to work the schedule equivalent to the work schedule of a full-time staff.

In other cases, the business needs a part-time staff to work only certain hours on certain day, then the question is whether the job candidate would be able and willing to accept the schedule requirements.

Scholarship and Apprenticeship Schemes

When interviewing for potential scholars and apprentices, different interviewing criteria comes into play. Some of these criteria include:

  • Would this person be committed to serve the scholarship or apprenticeship period?
  • Would this person have the competencies and personal qualities to successfully complete the program?

Imperfect Candidate

Where do you hunt for candidate for this vacancy,do remember that it is harder to look for a perfect candidate for senior roles compared with junior roles; and that it is easier to interview candidates for hard skills based jobs.

You have to ask yourself as to whether you are looking for a pair of hands or you need to complement the competency gaps of the team with the new hire.

Older Candidates and Fear

“ Your employee should have superior technical skills than you. If he does not, it means you have hired the wrong person.” Jack Ma

Older job candidates, particularly if they went through a lot in life, have a lot to offer in terms of wisdom. They make mistakes, failed along the way, took turns that may worked better.

The obstacle with hiring older candidates is the younger manager. The best situation is that a younger manager is willing to hire an older and more exxperienced candidate that had gone through the business situation or stage that the unknowing younger manager is facing and that the older candidate is willing to support the younger manager and the younger manager is willing to treat the older candidate as equal.

However often the hiring manager’s ego and pride gets the better of them. They then hire down. If the business situation is aggressive, the team soon gets into trouble.

T-Shape and M-Shape Job Candidate

It is also great to be able to hire a T-shape or M-shape job candidate. However, almost all interviewers that I worked with do not seems to appreciate that.

The workplace, in terms of compensation package and work arrangements is not ready for T-Shape and M-Shape job candidates.

Staff Do Not Have a Say

It is in old fashioned common laws that staff have no rights to reject decisions on transfers made by management. Enlightened companies will always discuss with the staff concerned before transferring him to work in another area; or add work that are not in the current job description.