Advance Hiring Interview Skills That Improve Your Batting Average Part 3


Parts 3 to 8 will cover the interview proper. I try to go beyond interviewing techniques as first, technqiues need observation and coaching which I cannot do in writing; second, there are other factors surrounding the interview that we can take note of and do something about. The end objective is to improve our chance of hiring the right person.

In reality, not every hiring will be successful. However, what we want is that at least we can achieve that for difficult to hire or key positions. That would be an accomplishment.

Recruitment Requisition and Job Offer Verification

Recruitment requisition is essential to ensure that:

  • For managers, this is to ensure your subordinate do not recruit behind your back.If they do, you should take disciplinary measures. Remember, you ultimately become responsible for any bad hires. In the worst case, they do so to “curry flavor” another department head or they do it to satisfy their own egos.
  • Business units stay within their manpower budget.
  • Proper approval is obtained for new positions that business unit heads desired.
  • Proper approval is obtained for replacement of budgeted vacancies.
  • Proper approval is obtained if there is a freeze in head count.

Any job offer needs go through verification and approval to:

  • Act as a check against hasty hiring.
  • Act as a check against desperate hiring.
  • Act as a check that all hiring, even replacement is given approval. Sometimes, senior management may have in their mind to restructure the business or simply save costs, and they will blame you for not seeking their prior approval or informing them on replacements.
  • Act as a check that business heads justify (explain) for newly created positions or jobs. If they do not have the budget, they have to raise proposals and obtained signed approval. The requisition can be used in place of a written proposal provided that the justification and approval is done in the requisition form.
  • When the interview evaluation form indicated objections to hire raised by Human Resource Department.
  • Act as a check of the offered compensation against internal equity. On one hand this is to minimise salary compression, on the other hand, it may signal that it is time to revise the salary structure.

Interview Arrangement Records

When you keep some recruitment statistics for the specific job vacancy, you should at the same time keep records of the interview arrangements. In some companies, these information are fed into a monthly manpower movement report.

For managers, ensure that your subordinate do not arrange for interviews without seeking approval from you. If they do, you should take disciplinary measures. Remember, you ultimately become responsible for any bad hires.

Know What You Are Looking For

Always make it a point to update the job description; to gain a good understanding of the primary and secondary responsibilities and understand some of the key challenges for the vacant position. You should do this together with the hiring manager. This is HR partnership.

At the interview, have a copy of the job advertisement with you so that you can refer to it whe you needs to.

Understand The Role and Its Relationship to the Business

You have to undestand what does the role do and how does that translate into an impact on the business. For that you have to understand what are the primary and secondary duties; and how do that tie in with problem escalation to job incumbent’s reporting supervisor or manager.

An example is that your business own a commercial building that it used as its office premises. Besides the business itself, there are other businesses that leased office space from the business.

If you are hiring a Facility Management Engineer, he may need to have an Electrician license, have experience dealing with air-conditioning unit and air-ventilators for commercial buildings; have understanding of lifts and escalators; have experience with fire alarm systems and fire sprinking system and have knowledge of building regulations.