A Blessing for Leaders of the Economy and Business

A Blessing for Leaders of the Economy and Business

I bless those with major responsibilities in the economic and business fields.

I bless them in their spirit of ethical service, that they may offer useful quality products and services.

I bless them in their understanding of the law of right returns, so they may manifest the deep comprehension that what they give shall return to the, be it in relations with employees, clients, the public, or nature.

I bless them in their fundamental integrity expressed in the honesty of all the contracts and deals they make and the value of all they put on the market.

I bless them that their fear of lack may be effaced by a deep grasp of the infinite abundance of the universe and that true wealth is in ideas and values rather than things and money.

I bless them in their deep understanding that the economy ultimately exists to increase human well-being, that they may see money as a means, not an end.

I bless them in their grasping of the fact that only a win-win approach in all areas can possibly bring long-term harmony for all concerned, and that what blesses one, blesses all, and vice versa.

Finally, I bless them in their vision of economy where quality and sometimes smallness is more important than quantity and sizze, and lived values override the bottom line.

And I bless myself in the realization with every purchase I make, I am voting for a certain kind of world, that I may better live my beliefs in the choices I make every day.

Source: The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World written by Pierre Pradervand, published by Atria Paperback, a Division of Simon & Schuster Inc., ISBN 978-1-58270-242-1