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 About this Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is a compilation of personnel policies, practices and procedures currently in effect at (Long Organization Name), otherwise known simply as (Short Organization Name). This Staff Handbook and the information within it are confidential.

This Handbook is designed to introduce employees to the organization, familiarize you with (Short Organization Name) policies as they pertain to you as an employee, provide general guidelines on work rules, disciplinary procedures and other issues related to your employment, and to help answer many of the questions that may arise in connection with your employment.

This handbook and any other provisions contained herein do not constitute a guarantee of employment or an employment contract, express or implied. You understand that your employment may be terminated for any reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

This Staff Handbook is intended solely to describe the present policies and working conditions at (Short Organization Name). This handbook does not purport to include every conceivable situation; it is merely meant as a guideline and, unless laws prescribe otherwise, common sense shall prevail. Of course State laws will take precedence over (Short Organization Name) policies when applicable.

Personnel policies are applied at the discretion of (Short Organization Name). (Short Organization Name) reserves the right to change, withdraw, apply or amend any of our policies or benefits, including those covered in this Staff Handbook, at any time. (Short Organization Name) may notify you of such changes via email, posting on (Short Organization Name)’s intranet, portal or website, or via a printed memo, notice, amendment to or reprinting of this handbook, but may, in its discretion, make such changes at any time, with or without notice and without a written revision of this Staff Handbook.



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