Proprietary Job Evaluation Methodologies

Proprietary Job Based Job Evaluation Methodologies

The following are some of the better known proprietary job based job evaluation methodologies.

Aon Hewitt Job Link Points Factor System

(1)The knowledge necessary to adequately perform a role and how that knowledge needs to be applied

(2)The degree of problem solving and innovation required

(3)The nature of interaction

– the impact a role has on the immediate surrounds and the organization

– the accountability the role holds

Deloitte & Touche Human Capital Corporation Peromnes Job Evaluation System Points Factor System

This method does not use job descriptions for job evaluations. Instead it uses a number of specialists on the panel of evaluators with an in-depth knowledge of the job under evaluation to provide information about key aspects of the job.

FSA-Contact Consultancy T.A.S.K (Tuned Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) This is a Paterson plan derivative that uses point system for sub-grading (skills level, knowledge, complexity, influence, pressure)
Fox Lawson & Associates (Paterson) Decision Band Method (DBM) Job Classification Method
Hay Consultants Hay Guide Chart Profile Method Points Factor System
Inbucon Inbucon JE Scheme Points Factor System

(1)  Knowledge, skills, experience

(2)  Problem solving

(3)  Decision making

(4)  Operational Responsibility

(5)  Communications

(6)  Working conditions

KPMG EQUATE The system consists of a job analysis questionnaire and the EQUATE software. Information obtained during job analysis interviews is used to complete the questionnaire. From the questionnaire the information is entered into the EQUATE software which calculates the weight of a job.

The questionnaire contains a number of questions on elements of five factors which are utilized to evaluate all jobs.

Points Factor System

(1)  Responsibility

(2)  Thinking demand2

(3)  Communication & contacts

(4)  Knowledge

(5)  Environmental demands

Link HR Systems Universal JE Scheme Compensation planning and job evaluation software for compensation professionals.
LogoSoft (UK) Ltd

(under Institute of Administrative Management)

Reward Manager (job evaluation and salary modelling software)

Benchmark jobs are selected for evaluation, and Questionnaires are generated containing appropriate job elements

The Job Evaluation Questionnaires are then run-off and distributed to the job holders, who enters the time spent (expressed as a percentage of the total time on the job) against job elements that are applicable to the post. Additional industry specific job elements along with the corresponding percentage of time can be entered free hand by the job holder onto the questionnaire.

Job Evaluation Panels are usually not needed and it is recommended that the whole exercise be carried out by only two to three staff, with data entry actioned through data entry clerks without allowing them access to any of the salaries or grades.
Mercer Human Resource Consulting International Position Evaluation (IPE) Points Factor System
PE Corporate Services Paterson Decision Band Method (Also called Paterson Job Grading Method. Based on the Castellion System


Job Classification Method

Bases the grading of jobs purely on the level of decision-making which a job entails

Band F – policy making decisions – top management

Band E – programming decisions – senior management

Band D – interpretative decisions – middle management

Band C – routine decisions – skilled workers

Band B – automatic decisions – semi-skilled workers

Band A – defined decisions – unskilled workers

Pilat HR Solutions


Gauge System

(Previously developed by Burnley Health Care NHS Trust, UK)

Points Factor System (computerized version of NJC JES)


(2)Mental skills (analytical skills)

(3)Interpersonal & communication skills

(4)Physical skills

(5)Initiative & independence

(6)Physical Demands

(7)Mental Demands

(8)Emotional Demands

(9)Responsibility for people well being

(10)Responsibility for supervision, direction & coordination of employees

(11)Responsibility for financial resources

(12) Responsibility for physical & information resources

(13) Working conditions


PWC Monks Method Points Factor System


(2)Specialist skills

(3)People skills

(4)Customer service

(5)Decision making

(6)Creative thinking

South African Breweries Castellion System

(initially researched by Prof S Biesheuvel of the NIPR. Together with Dr L Cortis, Biesheuvel developed and tested the system for the South African Breweries Group.)

Points Factor System
Towers Watson Global Grading System (GGS) Job Classification Method

Note 1: Job classification is a method in which grades in a grade structure are defined and jobs are slotted into the grades by comparing the job description with the grade definition.

Note 2: International Services for Remunerations and Pensions (SIRP)

Note 3: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (US)

Note 4: Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK)