CRP and GMS Designations 


The following was taken from Worldwide ERC website. This is the website of the Workforce Mobility Association



Target audience Mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States. Mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employeeinternational mobility
What sector of the industry? ALL – Corporate/HR, Relocation Service Providers, Brokers, Appraisers Open to all sectors engaged in international mobility (Corporate/HR, Relocation Service Providers)
Eligibility Requirements? Yes No
Do I need to take classes? No Yes – Must take
Modules 1, 2 and 3
If classes, are they live, online, or both? N/A Both Live and Online
Do I need to take a test? Yes, you must pass an exam Yes, you must pass an exam after the completion of all three modules
If there is a test, is it live, online, or both? Live only Online only
Is the test open- or closed-book? Closed Book Exam Open Book/Notes Exam
What is a passing score? 500 is a passing score based on scaled scoring Minimum 70% on the exam
How often are classes/tests Live exam held in approximately 4 host cities on the same day every May. Live classes/modules held several times per year.
Do I need to be a Worldwide ERC® member? Yes, you must hold individual membership in Worldwide ERC® to earn and maintain the designation While encouraged, you do not need to hold membership in Worldwide ERC® to earn or maintain the designation
Costs to earn Exam registration: Approximately $295-$555*, depending on when you register.
Source Materials (if you choose to purchase them – it is not mandatory): Varies. Can be up to approx $600 for a full set.
Members pay $1,245* for the Pkg (which includes Modules 1, 2 and 3); Non-members pay $1,345* for the Pkg. Individual Modules are $500*/Members and $550*/Non-members. 
How to maintain the designation? Earn 30 continuing education credit hours every three years Earn 15 continuing education credit hours every three years
How to earn continuing education hours? Worldwide ERC® meeting programs such as the National Relocation Conference; meetings from external organizations that have been pre-approved for CE credit; recorded audio sessions from previous conferences. Worldwide ERC® meeting programs with an international/global focus, such as the Global Workforce Summit; online education center courses; Worldwide ERC webinars (both live and recorded), courses from outside organizations that satisfy the criteria for CE credit.
Costs to maintain Varies widely depending on the option(s) chosen in earning credit hours Varies widely depending on the option(s) chosen in earning credit hours
Recertification fee? Yes. Yes.