Incident Report: Work Injuries


The following may help you in designing an incident reporting form or in writing an incident report involving work injuries.

Description of Incident

Here are details that you might want to put into the incident report:

  • What were the date, time and location of the incident?
  • Did the work started work early or the worker working overtime?
  • Name and type of machinery or substance involved.
  • The events that led to the accident.
  • What the injured person was doing at the time of the accident?
  • Name other persons involved or witnesses.
  • Which part of the body was injured?

Record the Impact of the Accident

  • Did the accident result in the death of the injured person?
  • Did the accident result in disabilities or amputations?
  • Was the injured hospitalized and if yes, for how long?
  • What is the number of days of medical leave?

Type of Accident

This helps with classifying the accident which might be useful later on for search purposes.

  • Falling from heights.
  • Injured by moving, fixed, stationery objects.
  • Fires and explosions.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, electric currents, biological materials and hazardous substances.
  • Collapse or failure of structures.
  • Slips and trips.
  • Over exertions or strenuous movements.

Type or Equipment

This helps with identifying and classifying the types of equipment that led to the accident.

  • Lifting equipment including cranes
  • Forklifts, excavators and other industrial trucks.
  • Pressurized equipment.
  • Industrial hand tools
  • Means of access
  • Others

The means of access can be further divided into:

  • Scaffold
  • Stairs or steps
  • Ladders
  • Gangway
  • Mobile amps
  • Others

What is the Nature of the Injuries?

This helps with identifying the nature of injuries.

  • Amputations
  • Bites or stings.
  • Blindness
  • Burns
  • Concussions, unconsciousness.
  • Crushing, fractures or dislocations.
  • Cuts, bruises
  • Deafness
  • Electric shock
  • Paralysis
  • Puncture wounds
  • Sprains and strains
  • Others

What Caused the Injuries?

  • Struck by falling objects ( for example worker struck by falling debris).
  • Stuck by moving objects (for example worker hit by hammer or some flying objects).
  • Cut or stabbed by objects (for example knives, needles).
  • Striking against fixed or stationery objects (for example worker walked into glass door, door slammed on worker’s finger).
  • Caught in or between objects (for example sandwiched between machine and wall).