For Fun: Ba Zi Profiling Part 2


In attempting to understand how Ba Zi personality profiling works, we are attempting to uncover as to what are the qualities that makes emperors, statesman, judges, scholars, merchants successful. These are qualities distilled from thousands of years of astute observations of both successful and unsuccessful individuals, families, businesses and empires.

They have implications for training and development; leadership assessment; allocation of roles as well as identification of important business functions.

Remember, the personality inventory Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) were originally developed Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, and not some psychologists working in a laboratory in a big university. You can read more about this in the website of the Myers & Briggs Foundation and that of the Center for Applications of Psychological Types.

In Gallup’s Strengths Finder, 4 distinct domains of strength emerged. These are Executing, Influencing, relationship Building and Strategic Thinking.

For Fun

There are different interpretations of the Ten Day Masters; although there are some similarities. We are looking at Joey Yap’s interpretations because he gave pointers on what innate talents the individual have and can develop to become successfully. Remember, we are just looking at this for fun.

There are 4 learning points:

  • Your future is in your hands – Aware, realize, change.
  • The greatest investment is in yourself (your skills – see 13.05th minute of the video).
  • Don’t waste your time is improving your weaknesses. Create and use a team which members complement your weaknesses.
  • If you know yourself, you know what you have. When you know what you have, you know what you can give others. Only when you give to others, then you become a value adder to life.

Ten Day Masters

The word “Day Master” refers to personality, characteristics, traits and attributes.

Yang Wood: Learn the skill to diversify (expand and branch out) and replicate. The trait is conviction in what you want to do.

Yin Wood: Learn the skill to network (ability to connect). The trait is the ability to think on your feet (quick thinking) and adapt to situations in your life.

Yang Fire: You have charisma – brand yourself to take advantage of it. You can be someone at the frontline and you will have followers who follow you because of your personality. The traits are persistence and focus.

Yin Fire: Learn to influence or sell. You are able to bring products and services to others’ attention.

Yang Earth: Possess the ability to learn by observation and listening as to what works and what do not work. Your knowledge is your power. The trait is humanity

Yin Earth: Possess self-belief and resourcefulness (being creative and hungry enough to go out to find resources; co-ordinate and pull these resources together to do something). The trait is serving others for the greater good or value creation.

Yang Metal: Ability to execute ideas (what to do).

Yin Metal: Ability to ask and negotiate for what you want (ability to strike the best deal).


Yang Water: Ability to get people to believe in your cause (selling the vision and direction) and obtain financing.

Yin Water: Possess business instincts or gut feels. The trait is the ability to anticipate problems that are coming and solving them beforehand.