Office Scanner Reviews


As HR Practitioner, some of us are in charge of office administration; some of us do benefits administration.

In terms of office administration, buying an additional multi-purpose photo-copy machine or a high volume multi-purpose printer can be a big budget issue if all we wanted is a scanner. I have personally done some office scanner reviews. You may want to consider the Fujisu Scansnap S1300i.

Some Possible Uses in the Office

Application 1: Archive old personnel files by scanning the documents into soft copies. This saves physical space. It saves money incurred from storing at an external storage facility.

Application 2: Scanning business cards. This is useful for both management staff and sales person who want to keep copies of the business cards in their mobile phones.

Application 3: Scanning medical chits to support medical leave applications.

Application 4: Scanning supportive documents such as restaurant receipts, hotel invoices for expense claim reimbursements.

Some Possible Uses at Home

Application 1: Your children can scan and archive their school notes for future references.

Application 2: You can scan documents that you use for your job application.

Application 3: Scanning income tax statements, credit card statements, utility bills etc, and minimize some of the clutter on your desk.

If you need a lighter mobile scanner, then review the ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner.