HR Checklist for Your New HR Job


You just been hired into a new job. The person whose job you are replacing has only a week to spend with you, to brief you about his job. You can use or expand on the following checklist as a guideline to quickly learn about the job.


1 Do you have an intranet, Microsoft share-point, employee handbook or common folders parked in a server?
1 Do you have an on-line phone directory?
2 How do you announce new joiners; communicate news and changes?
1 Do you have organizational charts?
2 Do you have job descriptions, work standards, procedures ?
1 Do you have a department budget and a head-count budget?
1 Do you have a recruitment strategy, policy, process?
2 Do you have a recruitment budget? Do you make use of recruitment requisition?
3 What are the recruitment channels that you use? (a) Job Fairs (b) Job Portals (c) Own website (d) Educational institutions (e) Headhunter or employment agency (f) Interns
4 Do you have (a) salary structure (b) structured interview panel and interview process (c) job application form, interviewee assessment form, message to applicant (d) list of interview questions (e) job marketing materials?
5 How do you handle a salary proposal? Do the managers know their subordinates’ pay? Do you practice salary adjustments on confirmation? How many types of employees and employment contracts do you have? Who makes the final hiring decision?  How do you make a job offer? What other forms do a new hire need to complete?
6 How do you manage the hire of foreign staff? Any one hired on expatriate terms and conditions? Anyone on international assignments?
1 What preparatory work do you make to ensure that the new hire is equipped to start work on the first day of work? (a) location (b) sitting arrangement (c) tools eg lap-tops, office layout, phone directory (d) security access and login ID (e) stationery
2 How is the new hire being inducted – HR Department, the new hire’s Department? How is arrival announced? Is there an on-boarding process? Do you use a buddy system?
1 Is the company structure right? Does the company do annual strategic planning and work planning?
2 Does the Department have process chart and written procedure? Are there control points? Do the Departments perform process improvements on a periodic basis?
3 How work differences resolved? How are grievances and complaints handled? Any skip level meetings?
4 Are there policies on corporate governance, diversity, civility, etiquettes?
5 Is staff provided with lap-tops to increase mobility? Do they make use video conferencing?
6 How often do the departments meet? Are there working committees? How are meetings run : (a) agenda (b) minutes?
1 Where are the personnel and other HR related records kept? What do they do with the old resumes, personnel, payroll, leave, insurance, bonus and annual pay increment files and other HR related records?
2 Do they have message, form and letter templates?
3 Do you have a HR system or any other automated system?
1 Is there a salary structure? From where do get the market data for your bench-marking?
2 How do you arrive at your bonus and annual increment payout?
3 Do you have a write-up on staff benefits? Do you reimburse expenses incurred for work: transport, mileage, toll and car park charges?
1 Is payroll process in-house or outsourced? Do you have a payroll system or uses Microsoft excel for payroll administration?
2 What are the types of allowances and deductions? Do you pay overtime and shift work? Do you have payroll reports, pay-slips and income tax reports?
3 What is the payroll cut-off date, pay date? What about the banking process? How do you pay foreign staff?
1 What is the performance review cycle? When is the start and end of the financial year? When do they do business and work planning? What is the bonus and annual increment cycle? How do you arrive at the increment and bonus eg a matrix? Do you have incentive or share programs?
2 Do you have different performance appraisal formats for different staff categories? Do you do upward or 360 or peer or team reviews?
3 Is the performance appraisal using MBO, KPI, tasks and competencies?
4 Is opportunity given to identify strengths, identify support required and challenges including team issues?
5 Are there policies on staff disciplines, attendances & tardiness, bullying and harassment, violence and misconducts?
6 Is there a safety officer or a safety committee? Are there safety policies?
1 Does the company organize any activities to get staff from different departments and organizational levels?
2 Does the company conduct staff surveys?
1 Is there a union? How is the union involved in staff grievance and disciplines? Do you have a copy of the collective agreement?
1 What is the training budget? Do you have training strategies for different business conditions? Have you identified a list of key positions and key staff?
2 How and when do you perform training needs analysis? Do you have a total training plan, company training programs? Is there a dedicated company trainer? Do you engage external trainers? Do you have a list of training vendors and training venues?
3 Are training records kept online or manually? Do the participants do end of training evaluation? Are some training tied to projects, job rotation, development for succession planning?
1 Does the company manage its own travel arrangements? How about visa applications and passport renewals?
2 Do you have a travel policy? Do it cover airport taxes, out of pocket expenses, land and water transport, toll charges
3 How do you handle currency exchange rates for reimbursements?

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