How to Increase Staff Retention Rate Significantly

Does your Company have a high turnover? What can you do to lower this significantly?

It is a business cost to constantly replace people. The more often and more people that a business needs to replace, the higher the costs become. If you are Recruitment Manager, you have a headache of constantly to “fill the numbers so that at least there is someone to do the job”.

Like solving any problem, we need to first find the cause and we already know the cause. Authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman said in their book, First Break All the Rules: What The Worlds’ Greatest Managers Do Differently, that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

Workplace bullying are more common than what is expected, believed or reported. Canada Safety Council reported that over 72 per cent of bullies are bosses, some are co-workers and a minority bully higher-ups. A bully is equally likely to be a man or a woman. It is both a relationship and competence issue.

Mathematically, given in a department, division or company, you will have more bosses than workers. If you are losing a significant of workers, would not it make sense to replace the manager?

Very often, the assumption is that the Manager is a competent Manager. If the Manager is incompetent and it is reported as such, often nothing is done.

The reality is (1) that you will never know a person well and know how he treats you and others until you have a chance to work closely with the person. (2) that when you gave authority to a Manager, it creates an unequal relationship between him or her and  the reporting staff. (3) that the manager is paid a premium for his management skills. (4) that the hierarchical structure creates an imaginary caste system which serves to promote egos.

The sensible solutions are: (1) to get the people on the ground to select their  Manager (2) to get the people working with the Manager to give feedback on the Manager on a regular basis.