Organizational Structure: Position VS Role

Disclaimer This article reflects my personal view of points factor job evaluation methodology as well as any organizational structure with fixed positions build in them, whether for example hierrarchial structure or lattice structure. When I think of the traditional organizational structure, I offer it as a significant reason for: The huge inequality of pay between

Hay Job Evaluation Methodology: The Short Profile

Purpose of Short Profile In the Hay job evaluation methodology, the short profile is used as quality assurance (quality control) checks. It is also called the Profile Check. It helps job evaluators review as to whether they have develop the right “configuration”, “relative contribution”, or profile for the job being evaluated. Job “Shape” or Short

Job Size and Job Shape

Introduction The job’s size and shape serve as starting points for many job evaluation applications. It is the same for Hay Job Evaluation methodology. Job Size (Job Value) In the Hay job evaluation methodology, job size is determined by the total of the factor point values for Accountability (ACC), Know-How (KH), and Problem Solving (PS).

Equity in Compensation and Benefits Management

Introduction The concept of equity is a fundamental concept in compensation and benefits management. An example is before you make an job offer to a prospective employee (job applicant), you want to check if your salary offer not only meets the candidate’s expectations; falls within the appropriate salary range quartile but also whether it is